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If you feel like the art world is an intimidating, and often closed-off world, it sort of is. But it’s also a special place to explore; from the thrill of the hunt to the rush of discovery.

Luckily, becoming an art collector is not out of reach, no matter how conservative your budget. We also accommodate payment plans. So if you’d like to take your painting now, you can always pay later. Contact us here for more information.

Original Paintings

Michelle Reid is an adventurer. Her vivacious attitude brings life to any canvas she interacts with. 

See Michelle’s work in person at these fine establishments: 


Prints are an accessible way to get in on the art collector fun without the sizeable investment. Michelle Reid uses a standard size (16″ x 20″ on the outside) with her prints to make framing a breeze.

Though a fraction of the cost of an original painting, prints offer a beautiful and accessible option for anyone on a conservative budget.

A complete list of prints will be available online shortly. If you’re interested in starting your collection, contact Michelle Reid.

Commission Work

If you have something particular in mind and think Michelle Reid would be the perfect fit for your vision, a commissioned piece might be the perfect solution.

Michelle Reid accepts commission work when your vision and her style align in a synergistic fashion. If she isn’t the right fit for your project, she’ll do her best to connect you with a suitable artist. 

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