Although born in Québec, Michelle’s heart and pride reside in the downtown core of Kingston, Ontario; where she spends her days indulging in the organic beauty that surrounds the town.

Michelle seeks to balance light and shadow in her artwork — elements that coexist to symbolize the balance between vibrant society and reflective solitude. Michelle utilizes the chaotic energy of the city to fuel her inspiration, afterwards drawn to the woods to decompress and reflect. Whether her subject exists in deep forest or urban landscape, her ultimate goal remains the same: to explore how a few simple paint strokes can transform mere shapes into symbiotic magic, whether through showcasing how the rays of sunset wrap around the trunk of a tree, or kiss the windows of an urban home.

“I did, for a long time, chase all these things that I wasn’t good at; I was trying to fill the void to get better at the things I was bad at. But it wasn’t until I leaned into and really accepted just what naturally happens and enjoy the process. Whatever naturally happens, you’re going to find an audience and the sense of self that comes from when you actually put your spirit on the canvas and people like it."


from a 2018 interview in Profile Kingston Magazine


2019 Plein-Air Painting with John David Anderson, Tuscany

2018 Drawing from the figure with Daniel Hughes

2018 Plein-Air Painting Advanced with John David Anderson, Haliburton

2017 Painting with the Three Foot Brush with John David Anderson, Midland

2016 Painting the Figure with Daniel Hughes, Agnes Etherington Art Centre, Kingston

2001 Graphic Design, St. Lawrence College, Kingston, Ontario


2021 The Kingston Local, spring issue

2020 Kingston Visitor Guide, Cover

2019 Queen’s Quarterly, Cover, spring issue

2018 Profile Kingston Magazine, Cover, Fall Issue

2012 Hanna’s Little Red Wheelbarrow, Illustrator


2019 Oil Workshops at The Tett Centre, Kingston

2017 Informal Adult Instructional Group Workshops, The Tett Centre, Kingston

2016 Instructor for Art Zone, Agnes Etherington Art Center, Kingston

2016 Private In-Home Instructional Group Workshops, Ontario

2016-19 Guest Instructor, Enterprise Elementary School, Enterprise


Solo Shows

2020 Tett Centre, Kingston

2019 Kingston General Hospital, Kingston

2018 Heather Haynes Gallery, Gananoque

2017 Art After Dark (spring and fall), Kingston

2016 Pan Chancho, Kingston

2016 Piggery Gallery, Newburgh

2015 Socialist Pig Café, Gananoque

2015 Purple House Café, Gananoque

Duo Shows

2019 Balance Between with Sara Alex Mullen, Santini Gallery, Ottawa

2016 Socialist Pig Café, Gananoque

2015 Windmills Restaurant, Kingston

Group Shows

2021 Toronto Outdoor Art Fair, Virtual

2019 Cline House Gallery, Cornwall

2018 Ivy Lea Club, Ivy Lea

2018 Gallery Raymond, Kingston

2018 Heather Haynes Gallery, Gananoque

2018 Art After Dark, Small Batch Cafe

2017 Small Batch Café, Kingston

2016 Small Batch Café, Kingston

2015 #Hashtag Gallery, Toronto

2014 Art Battle #108, Kingston